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Central Bank of Somalia (CBS)


Welcome to the website of Central Bank of Somalia (CBS). You will find here information, data  and analysis on the functions, organization and activities of the Central Bank, as well as  information relating to banks and other financial institutions that fall under the supervision of the Central Bank of Somalia

The main responsibility of the Central Bank is formulation and implementation of  banking, credit and monetary policies, and to ensure the growth of the national economy of  Somalia in a balanced manner.  CBS is primarily responsible for providing payments and banking services to the  government and other stakeholders. This includes providing banking services to the government, financial institutions, and other approved account holders. In addition, CBS is responsible for eventually managing the design, procurement, storage and issue of notes and coins, and ensuring that currency in circulation is of high quality and public confidence in currency is maintained.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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Background of CBS

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Strategic Plan of CBS

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